We are honoured to have the support of the following entities. Without them, the organisation of the Prague Negotiation and Mediation Week would be much more difficult.

ICC International Centre for ADR

The ICC International Centre for ADR offers a range of services that includes mediation, expert appraisal and dispute boards. They also oversee work involving DOCDEX (Documentary Instruments Dispute Resolution Expertise).
The separation between the Court and Centre is intended to preserve the full confidentiality of mediation and arbitration proceedings—whether they are concurrent or not and if the parties do not wish the exchange of information. With a staff of experienced international lawyers, the Centre not only handles the settlement of disputes but also provides support in contact drafting.
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FORARB Czech Republic

With a broad experience in alternative dispute resolution, the partner at FORARB Czech Republic, Martin Svatos, Ph.D. is frequently appointed as arbitrator and mediator of international commercial cases. Apart from services in ADR, FORARB organises also popular seminars and courses in negotiation and mediation. It holds, as the only entity in the Czech Republic, the mediation curriculum accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

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Transnational Dispute Management

Transnational Dispute Management (TDM, ISSN 1875-4120) is a comprehensive and innovative information service on the management of international disputes, with a focus on the
rapidly evolving area of investment arbitration, but also in other significant areas of international investment (such as oil, gas, energy, infrastructure, mining, utilities etc).
It deals both with formal adjudicatory procedures (mainly investment and commercial arbitration), but also mediation/ADR methods, negotiation and managerial ways to manage transnational disputes efficiently.
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Prague Negotiation and Mediation Week

Join our top trainers for a week long intensive programme in international  mediation and negotiation. Learn from the experts in the field and gain practical skills and strategies to get better deal and resolve disputes in international settings.

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