PNMW Edition 2018

PNMW Edition 2018

From May 21-25, 2018, the first edition of the Prague Negotiation and Mediation Week took place in Prague, Czech Republic. It welcomed ADR professionals and enthusiasts from eleven different countries from all around the globe.

This challenging series of lectures, workshops and interactive role-plays was supplemented with pleasant social  programme such as a wine-tasting, cocktail accompanied by drypoint-print  demonstration in the Art Francesco Gallery and a historical tram tour.

As  weather met the expectations, the participants were able to profit from the terrace in the area surrounding the conference room not only to enjoy their coffee breaks but also to carrying out the mock negotiations and mediations.

The topics covered by the PNMW 2018 were as follows:

  1. Negotiation and Mediation Advocacy, 
  2. Mediating International Public Disputes
  3. Dirty Tricks in Negotiation and Mediation
  4. Overcoming Impasses and Closing Settlement Deals
  5. Lying and Ethics in International Negotiation
  6. Cross-cultural Aspects of Negotiations
  7. Mediating Complex, Cross-Border Disputes

The PNMW 2018 Speakers were: Martin Svatos, Ph.D., Pál Belenyesi and Andrija Erac – Deputy Managers, ICC International Centre for ADR

We are looking forward to seeing you at  the PNMW 2019.

Save the date: May 27-31, 2019

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Scholarship Application

The goal of the Prague Negotiation and Mediation Week is to spread the knowledge about negotiation and mediation worldwide. Thus, we are happy to inform you that we are in the position to offer a scholarship covering attendance fee of  four students, academics and young professionals under 30.

Eligibility: The following persons might apply for the PNMW scholarship –  university students, academics and young professionals under 30.

The scholarship covers: The PNMW participation fee

The scholarship does not cover: travel expanses, accommodation costs,  possible visa fees

Deadline: Apply by or before April 20, 2018. The outcomes will be published on April 23, 2018.

Note, please make sure you will be able to get visa before the application given short time period between the notification of the outcomes and PNMW. Please, apply using the form below. Do not use the general registration form.

Allowed file extensions are pdf. Max file size is 33 MB.

Dirty Tricks in Mediation – Kluwer Mediation Blog.

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Dirty Tricks in Mediation – Kluwer Mediation Blog. The latest post of one of our speaker, Dr. Martin Svatos, Ph.D. is addressing one of the issues covered at the PNMW 2018. Read the article here:

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