Prague Negotiation and Mediation Week will take place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. This wonderful city’s nickname is Golden Prague and City of of a Hundred Spires…Visit Prague and gain more experiences in ADR.

Piazzetta Conference Room (⚑ 1)

Address: Vyšehradská 320/49, 128 00 Praha 2
Closest Public Transport: Metro – Karlovo náměstí, Tram – Moráň, Karlovo náměstí, Palackého náměstí
Directions: The Piazzetta Conference Room is situated in the areal of Emauzy Monastery. As you will enter the areal from Vyšehradská street, keep on till the street turns left and you will go around the Monastery Church. You will enter the piazzetta with a view on Prague. The conference Room will be marked.
All other venues are describe in the PNMW Information Package that is accessible via the following document storage (no need to print it, you will get a copy as you come to the venue).

Check more information about Prague here.


Prague Negotiation and Mediation Week

Join our top trainers for a week long intensive programme in international  mediation and negotiation. Learn from the experts in the field and gain practical skills and strategies to get better deal and resolve disputes in international settings.

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